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Park Lake City

Client: DIM (Development Investment Management)

Task: To develop a booklet for the suburban residential complex Park Lake City from the DIM. In the market, the client occupies a niche of residential complexes offering housing in combination with houses with green areas. The general campaign of our client is held under the slogan “Live more”, so the decisions in the design of the booklet should reflect vitality, cheerfulness, relaxation, healthy habits, etc.

1. Pattern in the form of a lake. We turned the contour of the lake on the territory of the residential complex into a style-forming element: we decorated it with coastlines and multiplied it into a pattern. To enhance the association with water, the pattern was also painted over with varnish. Wave pattern elements are reproduced throughout the booklet.
2. Listen to life in Park Lake City. We added QR codes to the booklet with the ability to listen to birds singing, the sound of water, children’s laughter, crackling fire. This is the pleasant routine that the developer promises to homeowners in Park Lake City.
3. The rational is combined with the emotional. To enhance the emotional copyright, we combined it with scientific evidence for the benefits of living in Park Lake City. Does contemplating nature really improve health? How does a run do it? How does our brain react to walking by the water? All these questions are answered in the booklet.

Booklet design

Project team

Nataliia Zakashanska
Vladislav Heletko

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