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University of the Third Age

Client: “Proton” is a university for people of retirement age from the Let`s help charity fund. With its help, retirees in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine receive free education at a convenient schedule.

Task: Logo and identity

Solution: The target audience is guided by the value of development, moving forward regardless of material status. So we worked with the idea of purposefulness. The vitality and dynamics of the “Proton” are represented by a ray, a particle striving upwards. The fragment “oto” in the typography of the logo is complemented by this ray and creates a positive, recognizable image of a clever man with glasses on his nose. Glasses, among other things, are a clear and readable attribute of old age.

The main colors of the Proton brand book are red, blue and white in different gradient variations.

The beam in the gradient and the gradient itself are also used as a style element for icons and backgrounds.



Strategic session


Project team

Natalia Zakashanskaya
Vitaly Dmitruk
Alexander Grebenyuk

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