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Rating Lab

Research Laboratory

Client: Rating Lab is a platform for opinion polls from the Rating sociological group.

Task: To develop brand identity. The logo should impress the audience of men and women who run businesses, HR and research departments, they are often academics.

Solution: Aesthetically, the client is close to discreet and symbolic solutions, without bright palettes and literal images. We found the solution in combining the properties of the iceberg and the data, because both of them contain the most important information at depth. A similar element of an iceberg and a diagram is their broken silhouette. And the pointed diagonals in the typography of the letters Y and I reinforce the impression of the sign. For the design of icons, business cards and presentation backgrounds, we used glassmorphism. Paired with clear figures, the blurry glassy texture conveys the right impression of finding out the truth. The color palette is cool, the cold tone is preserved on small patches of warmer colors as well.



Project team

Natalia Zakashanskaya
Vitaly Dmitruk

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