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Creative advertising

from 2000$

Creative is a process of creating of a unique intellectual product, an idea. And this is not always about incredible design, insane realization and amazing concept. Creative is formation of working mechanic, which can be relevant, expand brand and emphasize its uniqueness. Advertising creative generally means the availability of visual line and slogan, and makes the basis of any advertising campaign.

Creative advertising concept

from 3000$

This is original advertising idea, based on brand philosophy. Its task is to pay attention to the product and highlight all its competitive advantages and uniqueness. Creative conception is developed on the basis of marketing research results, analysis of competitive environment and target audience.

Key Image / Key Visual

from 1000$

Key image design is a separate work, which is held on the basis of approved sketch of creative sketch. Core idea of the company is given as graphic image. Key image is main part of typical advertising layout. It is performed in different techniques: photo session, collage, 3D graphics, watercolor illustration etc.

Realization of key image

from 500$

There are various ways of realization of key image – the idea can be implemented by means of commercial clipart, illustration in chosen stylistic: graphics, painting, photo collage, 3D,  object, staged and model photography etc.

Standard layout adaptation

from 50$

Standard layout is main layout of advertising campaign. This is to say final result of its visual part. Standard layout is formed on the basis of brandbook and serves as a kind of frame for key visual. Adaptation of standard layout of advertising campaign is reformatting of main layout for different advertising carriers, depending on its demands.

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