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Layout and polygraphy design

When  design concept is ready and the guideline is developed, its time to turn to design of polygraphic products and layout. Designers work on layout for printing products of any difficulty: from brochure to catalogue or annual report.

Design of packages and labels

First acquaintance with the product is made through the package: it delights, provokes to buy  and assures in reliability of the product. Exactly for this a proper attention should be given to its design. Every so often design of the package brings rewards to the brand as well, for this  it’s even possible to receive Red dot. Design of the package can include logo and other images, text and clean design elements: form, colour, recognizable graphic elements, what enables single perception of the picture.

Design of presentations

The idea can be protected with any method, but the most convincing and effective always will be a presentation.  For it to be formatted it in the correct way, filled with sense and designed in unified style with all brand documents, it is better to leave design of presentation to the professionals. This will help to position the brand properly, favourably distinguish it from the concurrents and always stay on top.

Design of souvenir products

During holiday period, corporate events and conferences it is desirable to make a memorable, original present to the client or partner. Internet offers a great variety of goods for mass usage, but seldom what is really needed. Our team will help to develop individual souvenir products, will advice how to better implement an idea and personally undertakes the production.