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Brand strategy

from 12000$

To become that very first association with a word “brand” you need to work hard, but interesting. At first analyze data, set goals and ambitions, define and identify the benefits, unique trade offer and values of the brand. At this stage occurs work with concurrents, definition of strong features and points of differentiation. The goal of concept development – create sustainable development about brand in the perception of buyers, like about the best product in a particular situation. Brand concept develops on the basis of business idea and marketing research. For this various specialists from different areas are employed: marketers, analysts, brand managers, PR-services, copywriters.



Naming of brand is very  important step, which influences recognizability and further future of a company or a brand. Name is created after development of brand concept and is based on it. Brand name should be concise, euphonious, should not cause unwanted associations and should show the main qualities of the brand. To the moment of naming, each proposed name is accompanied by psychological, notional and phonetic justification. Also availability of appropriate free domain name is considered.



This is short wording of main message and basic idea from separate advertisement campaign or the whole brand. Slogan is essential part practically of any communication and important element for support of reputation. Exactly slogan talks with the consumer in his language, therefore from accuracy of his formation depends success of whole brand campaign. Slogans for advertisement companies are usually developed parallel with visual range and serve as his “beep”. Frequently without a slogan creative concept of advertising campaign loses its sense.



Logo – this is  how the consumer recognizes your brand. The most important element of corporate identity, which serves as brand attribute and is based on its concept. It is necessary for identification of brand from the concurrents, which means it should by all means be unique.  For logo it is important to expand the essence of product and be developed subject to psychology, chromatics, ergonomics, analysis of competitive environment, target audience and brand concept.

Corporate identity

from 3000$

This is a collection of graphic images and its application rules, which defines the stylistic of information  processing about brand on image carriers.  It can be business documents, website, branded products and souvenirs, any advertising materials.  To the standards of corporate identity belong colors, fonts, name block and additional visual elements.


from 800$

This is the set of rules for applying the standards of corporate identity on practise. Guideline is created on the final stage of standard development and is applied for any brand reference. Guideline includes fonts, company colors, graphic elements and other carriers, developed for the company.


from 800$

Brandbook is a set of rules for using the brand. Apart from its visual part – the guideline, conceptual part is also present. Brandbook contains description of philosophical position of brands existence and usage: conception of positioning, unique trade offer, goals, tasks, brand values, corporate ethics etc. Brandbook is written after brand concept development, slogan, logo, corporate identity and can be perfected during whole brands livelihood.

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