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Strategic positioning

In terms of strategic positioning of brand we define goals of marketing company, its main message, target audience, communication channels and ways of its usage, creative concept, visual line, presentation of advertisement materials.

Advertising campaign strategy

This is a certain plan of action, which allows to convey to the consumer main message of the brand. This means highlighting the goals  of advertising campaign, target audience, communication channels, requirements of creative concept and distribution of advertising budget. Objective of advertising campaign strategy is to  use all resources most effectively to reach main goal of brand communication.

Communication strategy

Communication strategy consists of creating communication matrix and communication plan. Communication matrix is a means of systematization of main messages of the brand in accordance with needs of key segments of target audience. That is to say, highlighting of main messages and communication channels for them. Communication plan is generally made for a year and includes phased work schedule of communication.

Creative strategy

By creative strategy we mean selection of concept and communication language.That is creating of brand slogan, wording of main messages, developing of creative materials and all needed for the content of communication strategy.

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