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— branding agency uniting customer and agency experience together

Galagan branding agency was established in 2007 and is effective fusion of designers, developers, copywriters, managers and strategists. We work with interested clients in a wide spectrum of areas, including creating of brands for medical institutions, non-commercial organisations, business leaders and even whole cities.

Natali Zakashanska


Maria Omelchuk

Creative director

Evgenii Suharnikov

Project manager

Inna Zhogolko

Senior designer

Daria Bairamova



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If we ask different people to name few brands, most probably same companies will come to your mind and they will be not more than 20. Because brand is not each trademark. Content and philosophy make company to a brand. And how the consumer reacts to the brand and how to reach the goal maximally effective, decides strategy.

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Brand positioning

Marketing campaign strategy

Communication strategy

Creative strategy

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To create a brand, it is essential to exploit a vector of development: gather and analyze all data, define strategy and positioning, after that develop name, logo and corporate identity.

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Brand strategy




Corporate identity



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This is creation of visual-graphic system of brand, on the basis of which communication is built. It is applied in creation of magazines layout, packaging design, advertisement and information banners, logos, booklets, brochures, souvenir products, web design.

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Layout and polygraphy design

Design of packages and labels

Design of presentations

Design of souvenir products

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This is what catches the consumer, brings  the key message to the target audience. Staying in memory, gives to the company or to the brand a possibility to be included in the list of consideration. And this is the first step to increased sales. Plenty of advertising carriers exist today: boards and TV-videos, polygraphy and digital.

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Creative advertising

Creative advertising concept

Key Image / Key Visual

Realization of key image

Standard layout adaptation

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Fusion of analysis, design and programming. Esthetics, working in strict frame of algorithms and aimed for comfort of the person. It is long not a “business card” of the company in Internet, but proper communication channel between client and company.

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Design of websites

Design of mobile apps

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We are delighted to share our knowledge and practical experience, teaching students and designer teams of our clients. We sincerely want that design in Ukraine exists, develops and become competitive on a global scale.

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Trainings for companies

Long-term educational programs for professionals


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