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Novy Proekt

Opening together

The “Novy Proekt” (New Project) company offers a wide range of equipment for trade and restaurant business, and one of the most important advantages of this business is its 360 ° 24/7 service.

Each client of the “Novy Proekt” is led by a personal manager who helps to close the project on a turnkey basis and provide support on many issues.

The sign is a reflection of the letter П (P): project; partner + professional. П in reflection becomes the letter H (N), denoting new.

The logo is best applied at the seam, along which the double “П” will be reflected. Thus, the idea of attraction of two sides is realized. In our case, these parties belong to the company and the client.

The logo interacts best with opening surfaces. This is an envelope, box, postcard, pen, flash drive, etc.

The slogan “Opening up together” fully reflects the company’s approach to working with business and clients. It is easy to understand that the mission of a brand is to support its customers both when starting a business and during development.





Project team

Mariia Omelchuk
Nataliia Zakashanska
Denis Sheremet
Krokos Valerie

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