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Label design "Akvulya"

Target audience is mothers and fathers who care about their baby’s health and choose quality table water for daily consumption by the whole family. These are young families where mom and dad spend as much time as they do with their family. Roles in the families are changing and it should be emphasized.

We’ve developed a simple slogan “for me, mommy and daddy” which stands for androgynous nature of the Akvulya brand.

Clear and vivid images of a boy and a girl on a label attract attention and encourage both Mom and Dad to buy water.

Result: people pay attention to new labels. The brand has become more visible and encourages not only moms but also dads to buy. Based on the pictures we’ve developed the further communication can be built.

Label design


Creative strategy


Project team

Nataliia Zakashanska
Myhaylo Chernyak
Kyrylo Tkachov