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Rebranding "Budova"

Сonstruction Сompany

Budova Company has been one of the largest developers in Odessa since the 1990s. Constantly improving its construction technologies Budova is striving to secure its lead on the Odessa market and meet the current needs of its audience.

For this purpose, the rebranding of Budova was launched. Our goal was to emphasize the updated positioning and emotional aspect of the brand, securing Budova’s image of a local leading company, trendsetter in a category that understands and anticipates the expectations of Odessa residents like no other.

During the rebranding process, the following was carried out and implemented:
– qualitative and quantitative research of the target audience, which revealed the key needs, problem areas and selection criteria in the category, the level of brand awareness and perception against the competing developers, consumers were segmented;
– сreative and strategic working session where we analyzed communication, positioning, strengths and weaknesses of competitors and key consumer selection motives, evaluated key messages of the target audience, identified the main advantages of Budova – its unique selling proposition, brand role and values;
– brand passport – an expanded description of the updated positioning and brand architecture – based on it we developed the updated Brand Manifesto, slogan, visual style, the basics of communication strategy and brand advertising campaign of Budova.

Brand positioning (branding)

Communication strategy



Corporate identity

Project team

Nataly Zakashanska
Mikhail Chernyak
Kirill Tkachev
Maria Omelchuk
Vladislav Geletko