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Dev.Pro rebranding

Dev.Pro, a software development outsourcing company, was founded by entrepreneurs and technologists, combining the strength of American business and Ukrainian engineering. Over the years Dev.pro has helped numerous technology companies develop their innovative software products and grow their businesses. The company easily finds common language with its clients, creating for them the best solutions to their specific needs, providing engineering knowledge, fast implementation, and cost effectiveness. But what really sets Dev.pro apart from others is the alliance they create together with their clients to achieve common success. This formed the basis for the company’s positioning.

Task: to update the logo that reflects the company’s current values, the desire to move forward and stand out from other technology companies, while maintaining continuity. The corporate identity should show that Dev.pro can provide qualified technical specialists for companies. At the same time, it should attract new engineers, showing that Dev.pro is a prestigious place to work.

Solution: the new logo is a revised, redone old one. The entire corporate identity is intended to demonstrate the renewal of the company’s operating principles, as well as its desire to become more open and understandable to customers. We have chosen bright, individual colors to differentiate ourselves from the many IT-companies that use traditional blue colors. As a corporate font, IBM Plex Sans font was chosen. It’s an open font that combines technology, science, and humans. Special symbols from programming languages were chosen as the elements of the corporate identity. They are used in the text, as design elements for decoration and as illustrations of these symbols, which allows the corporate identity to be more varied and interesting.

Logo redesign



Project team

Mariia Omelchuk
Anna Sytnyk
Daria Bairamova