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Ребрендинг Алютал

Alutal is a №1 importer of aluminum facade systems in Ukraine. The company follows the principle of customers’ focus and maximum satisfaction of their requirements. The engineering company «Alutal» is becoming increasingly popular in its field due to a comprehensive approach for materials supply for hinged ventilated facades, as well as a customer-oriented sales policy.

Task: develop a new logo and corporate identity which reflects the dynamics and development in new modern areas, as well as the company’s position. Alutal identity should be a part of the newly developed style of a group of companies.

Solution: A new, bold, modern typography has been developed. The logo is dynamic, each element of which reflects the company’s activities, for example, a square — a composite panel, a triangle — the ability to make complex structures (more info is indicated in the case). The main colors are red, black, and white. Colors of stability and activity.

Logo redesign



Project team

Natalia Zakashanska
Kirill Tkachev
Mariia Omelchuk
Vladislav Geletko
Alexander Grebenyuk

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