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Identity for a store Eat&Drink

A task. To develop a naming, logo and identity for a store of your own import, the goal of which is to open for you the best tastes of the world. These brand elements should convey the quality of the product and the understanding of what is being sold in the store. A wide range of the wines and delicacies that you can taste before buying, a friendly atmosphere are the main advantages of the brand.

For whom? Maybe just for you? Do you work hard, but also know how to relax? Do you lead a busy lifestyle, go in for sports, but do not mind relaxing in the evening and discovering a new taste of the wine with oak notes and a slight sourness? Then this brand is created for you!

We have developed a flexible, dynamic logo that can adapt to the plane and any situation. A modification of the logo provides the ample opportunities for its use in the identity: both in the interior of the store and product design, and in digital format.

The logo is created using a combination of the font and line, which is superimposed on the text or bends around the letters. The orange line is the same “common thread” that combines an unsurpassed aroma of the wine with an unusual aftertaste of the cheese and a feeling of the delicate ham.

The line has become a style-forming element of the corporate identity and can easily illustrate the assortment of the store. The combination of the grotesque and flowing wavy elements creates a kind of the visual contrast for better perception and memorization.




Project team

Mariia Omelchuk
Anna Sytnyk
Kateryna Paevshik

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