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The charity auction platform

MeetingMe is an all-Ukrainian chary platform from the “Tvoya Opora” Foundation. The team engages in charity through online auctions, where everyone can win a personal meeting with a celebrity or influencer. As the lot is drawn, the winner receives the meeting, and his bet gets transferred to one of the charities. With MeetingMe you can organize a private fundraising at work, if you are more comfortable in a team-charity.

TASK To develop a logo and corporate identity for the MeetingMe charity auction platform. The visual should illustrate the idea that charity is not only noble, but also interesting and fun.

MECHANICS The logo should evoke a sense of trust and admiration. These are the principles MeetingMe is based on. The main figure of the logo is a circle. Its archetype means execution, cyclicity, integrity, it depicts the platform itself. The semicircles symbolize two stakeholders, who make MeetingMe happen – a winner and a celebrity. They intersect in the act of charity.

COLORS Orange is a traditional color of charity, cheerfulness, it is as warm and native as possible. It signifies each of us, a close and understanding benefactor. We are paired with a celebrity, which is noble and somewhat mysterious. Purple is the color of these characteristics in design. These two semicircles have a clear and transparent intention to unite to help others, and to tell this story, we use transparency at the point of unification. Transparency shows that the charity MeetingMe originates at the intersection of cheerful and noble.




Project team

Nataliia Zakashanska
Vladislav Geletko

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