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HACK4Retail is a hackathon for data science gurus who want to show their talent in Ukrainian retail. The best teams will receive a cash prize, and the Fozzy Group will offer them their dream job. Objective: to advertise the hackathon, to simplify the selection of young specialists for the client, to strengthen the employer’s brand and to show that retail is not only about offline stores, but also about a large pool of opportunities for data scientists. Solution: We created an advertisement that brings together two “incompatible” worlds: IT and supermarket shelves. E-commerce is a bright and expressive alternative to old solutions in commerce, therefore it requires some bright image. And the products contain a code, they`re like made of it, because merchandising in Fozzy Group supermarkets is always accompanied by a complex process of data analysis.



Project team

Mariia Omelchuk
Alexander Grebenyuk

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