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Креативная реклама для Fitnee

Client: Fitnee is a Ukrainian manufacturer of portable blenders. The device ideally grinds any vegetables and fruits and withstands 20 uses on a single charge.

Task: To advertise the blender, to increase the knowledge that a portable blender is convenient and useful. It turned out that the target audience is not familiar with this product. We are used to the fact that a blender is a kitchen utensil, it has a cord, it needs electricity. In addition, it`s almost impossible to maneuver and fight in the territory of kitchen blenders (with well-known and powerful brands), given the advertising budget for Fitnee promotion. The situation was worsened by the fact that during the quarantine, the purchasing power of consumers fell. It was necessary to tell future consumers about the features of the blender as simply and quickly as possible.

Solution: The Fitnee advertising campaign is based on simple and understandable slogans that reveal all the advantages and features of a portable blender from the first seconds. The hashtag slogans #beachblender, #forestblender, #outdoorblender backed up with key visuals reinforce the message of integrating a portable blender into everyday life outside of the home.

Креативная реклама


Project team

Anna Sytnyk
Nataliia Zakashanska
Mariia Omelchuk

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