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Package design LEIDENDAIRY

The Customer, product and task:

We were approached by an importer of the soft cheese (Feta*) with the task of developing a packaging design for a new product to enter the Ukrainian market, which would be easy to read that the product is produced in the Netherlands at a modern large factory. The series of the labels should have a simple and clear visual communication and be significantly different from other products in the category.

Process: We started working on the design of packaging for the soft cheese. During the work we found that the logo needed to be updated. A rather complicated name “Leidendairy”, which is not easy to read, should be written simply. As a result the logo turned into an easy-to-read typographic sign. The color scheme of the package gives a reference to the country of origin (Netherlands), an illustration-engraving visually tells about the clean beautiful fields on which the cows graze from the milk of which the most delicious cheese is made.

* “Feta” is a European Union’s law protected indication of the geographical origin of the cheese, so only the Greek cheese can be called Feta in the European Union.


Package design

Project team

Nataly Zakashanska
Maria Omelchuk
Vladislav Geletko