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technical supply and services

Client: ELENG is a ship and industrial repair and supply company that provides services to customers who work on land as well. The mission of the brand is to make driving on land and at sea safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Task: Update the logo and create a new corporate identity that emphasizes reliability, efficiency and high-quality execution.

Solution: The logo consists of a unique type composition inscribed in a simple geometric shape with two cut corners at 45°. The laconic form, solidity and density of the letters symbolize the character of the brand: reliability and professionalism. Cut opposite corners support brand components: innovation, continuous development, purposefulness, efficiency and two global directions of the company – movement on land and at sea. Modular design guarantees ease of use and ensures that the company remains recognizable.



Project team

Natalia Zakashanska
Anna Sytnyk

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