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Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) is the main Ukrainian carrier. The company provides 82% of freight transportation and almost half of passenger transportation in Ukraine. According to the volume of freight transporting by UR, it ranks 4th in Eurasia. The 20-years-old logo of Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) was new-made by removing excessive details to provide dynamics, conciseness and recognition, which expresses a farewell to soviet standards of the company functioning and technology. However, there is balance of traditional and futuristic image for portraying progress. The new logo will be used for all enterprise identity. Now it is two lines forming a dashing locomotive and a ligature of the abbreviation UR at the same time. The original font named UZ Sans is designed especially for UR with all rights reserved. The indigo, ivory white and orange colors are symbolizing innovations, clearness and positive energy.

Logotype and identity

Project team

Nataly Zakashanska
Daria Bairamova
Kirill Tkachov
Andrey Konstantinov