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Logo & Identity

Confèrma — furniture, confirming your status and taste every day, for many years. Furniture that meets your expectations every day. Conferma furniture is a product of emotional intelligence. When developing our collections, we do not compromise: we know exactly what you want. Exclusive furniture created from premium materials: natural wood, natural stone, copper, brass, steel, high-quality design fabrics. In the manufacture of furniture used 50% of manual labor.
All items are assembled by hands. Furniture Confèrma takes into account gender differences: we have created men’s and women’s collections.

Like many things in this world, even fonts can be classified as masculine and feminine. Feminine fonts can be described as fine, serifed and elegant, and masculine fonts can be characterized as being blocky and bold. But, like yin and yang, symbol of dualism, our logotype contains both sides — masculine (typeface Untitled Sans by Klim Foundry) and feminine (typeface Untitled Serif by Klim Foundry). These fonts selects word Onè in logotype to emphasize authenticity and uniqueness of furniture Confèrma. Typography inspired by 1966 film Masculin Féminin directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

Logotype and identity

Project team

Daniil Martynov
Natali Zakashanska
Anna Sytnik