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The information portal for pensioners

60+ is an information portal for the elderly. Project goal: Pensioners, more than anyone else, find it difficult to find centralized and reliable information about their rights and benefits, and 60+ solves this problem. The mission of the 60+ platform is to create a comfortable online environment for retirees and increase their value to society. Mechanics: The user goes to the portal https://60plus.com.ua/ and searches for information in the necessary sections. Communication on the portal is as simple and clear as possible. Most of the content is presented in the form of infographics and brief instructions or even audio/video formats. You can download a PDF file with key information for a specific city or region, as well as get discounts on certain services offered on the portal. Our solutions: We designed the logo and identity for 60+. The logo is large and easy to create, and the key color is a rich blue.




Project team

Natalia Zakashanskaya
Vitaly Dmitruk

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