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Ребрендинг Світлотек

Light is the source of life on Earth. With the advent of artificial lighting, life has become more comfortable and more interesting. In the modern world, lighting is required not only to make our lives better and safer, but much more serious requirements are imposed. The Svitlotek company is an example of competence and quality in its field. Thanks to the combination of modern knowledge of young specialists and many years of experience of its employees, Svitlotek distinguishes high quality, flexible system of solutions, mobility, flexibility and timely completion of complex tasks.

Objective: to create a modern style of the group of companies that would reflect the advantages of Svitlotek (flexibility, mobility, experience). Become visually attractive to a new target audience of architects and installers of modern lighting technologies.| Solution: we have chosen the path to the realization of this goal through the development of a dynamic identity. The dynamics will convey simply and aptly the main business ambitions of the Svitlotek brand – production reaching a new (European) level, a level of world significance. The clarity of the main style-forming compositions, the purity of the lines, the symbolism at the subconscious level give confidence in the stability and transparency of the work of the Svitlotek company. Interesting facts: The icons of the logo groups are constantly changing and lining up into simple and complex compositions. The Cyrillic logo has an interesting letter T, which makes it recognizable even without a sign. The letters O, E are as close to the circle as possible so that they work in unison with the round icon signs. Each icon of the sign carries a technical conventional meaning.

Logo redesign



Project team

Наталия Закашанская
Кирилл Ткачев
Мария Омельчук
Владислав Гелетко
Александр Гребенюк

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