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Mechanism of creative process

Appointment: Competition of the best works in the field of creativity, design and advertising ADC*UA 2019 The Point: For many it is still a mystery how THAT idea is born in the head of designers, creatives or advertisers. Our concept was to show all the ambiguity, complexity and painstakingness of this process. The viewer is completely immersed in it, considers, tries variability, inspiration, focus and concentration, the birth of the idea itself. Soundtrack with permission from PAN 76 Every Node Composition Artist ADR (Aaron David Ross) https://youtu.be/U116SPae4yw


Разработка сценария


Моушн дизайн

Project team

Наталия Закашанская
Омельчук Мария
Вадим Ревин
Евгений Хайковский
Ольга Тетеря

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