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Mechanism of creative process

For many it is still a mystery how in designers, creatives or advertisers head that very same idea is born.
The task is to show all ambiguity, complexity and diligence of the process. The spectator dives completely into creative process. Sees, tastes, feels each of the main process:
Variability – selection of different ideas, concepts, based on experience and research of creative.
Inspiration like something that charges us up and gives additional push. And this is far not easy process.
Focus and concentration on one of the directions.
And birth of the very idea.  Thus we together with the spectator become witnesses of difficult, but creative process of the birth of idea.

Soundtrack with permission PAN 76
Composition Every Node
Artist ADR (Aaron David Ross)


Разработка сценария


Моушн дизайн

Project team

Наталия Закашанская
Вадим Ревин
Евгений Хайковский
Ольга Тетеря