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Website about Website

Проект-коллаборация Galagan и СF Digital

We’ve designed the website and the characters for the project A Website about Website.

We’ve always found pixel graphics very inspiring, so the project’s come easy to us. Who’s it for? It’s for everyone who’s about to order a website but doesn’t understand the magical processes behind it. A fun educational game a Website about Website will give you a step by step tour through the whole customer’s journey starting with the very first idea up to the finished product. The user in the role of the Customer goes through all levels of site development in the form of a fun and interesting game. Making decisions, he thereby chooses precisely his scenario of events, which allows us to understand the basic rules of communication with the Contractor. Particular attention was paid to the emotions of the characters – because the considerable experience of the agency helps to understand and feel everything that happens at each stage.

Galagan – character images and animations. CF Digital – idea, programming.

You can receive the project by the link: websiteabout.website

Illustration and animation

Project team

Natalia Zakashanska
Anna Sytnyk