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The English Studio

English language school

The English Studio – English language school – a place, where English is spoken. Exactly this slogan fully reflects its key message: school teaches to talk, not to cram. This is an educational program with most new and effective developments. New methodics are constantly integrated in learning process and immerse student into English-speaking athmosphere. Target audience aims to open new possibilities for youth.

Exactly this main introductory was laid down in developed logo. Symbol that reflects talk or dialogue is a bubble, if we are talking about a place, a room, an educational area – this is a room plan. We united this two samples and got a new logo, a room in form of a bubble with an open door, which symbolizes school’s openness and new posibilities before students. Color has very strong influence, this is why we purposely took UK flag colors, so target audience immeadiately make complete school image. Also, we wanted to amplify recognizability of school through this colour and suggested to create own study guides with usage of blue and red texts for learning. This study guides are supplemented with bookmarks, with blue and red filters. Closing with red bookmark a translation of text, student can easily read and learn the words, perform needed tasks.

Project team

Мария Омельчук