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Rotex rebranding

Бренд мелкой бытовой техники

Rotex – a company that produces affordable, high-quality small household appliances adapted to the needs of Ukrainian consumers.

The development of the logo and corporate identity took place in two stages. The first stage is the study of the market, consumer’s experience and the construction of a new brand development strategy. The second stage consisted directly in building a logo based on the data received.

The concept of the logo lies in a simple, concise form, soft smooth corners. All this is associated with care and comfort. The name is written with a lowercase letter to make consumers feel close to the brand, it convinces the buyer that the campaign is on first-name terms with him and understands his needs. The black color of the font is fundamental, serious, simple and neutral. It is elegant, meets the purpose of the audience – it reminds that it is usually used for high-end brands, but the products remain accessible to the masses. A special archetype – a circle that inspires confidence, subconsciously associated with comfort and care is used in the logo in combination with black. The minimalism of the logo indicates a simple and understandable technique. The brand element is the circle. It symbolizes accessibility, comfort, trust, helps customers of the “rotex” brand to feel like part of the circle. Yellow is a very warm and pleasant shade that hides joy, hope and happiness, it is the color of gold.






Project team

Nataly Zakashanska
Daria Bairamova
Myhaylo Cheryak
Mariia Omelchuk