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Smart moving

Creative advertisement

Client: Murakha (Ant) Moving Company

Task: To create communication strategy, creative advertising, 3D illustration

Solution: Unlike many other competitors, Murakha cares about convenient package for moving. And so the idea was born with objects that are very uncomfortable in the space they`ve been put in. In 2011, to create a 3D effect for a Bear in the absence of such capabilities in the team, we assembled a glass cube, put a toy there, photographed in a dark closet and then drew his hair in Adobe Photoshop.

This project brought the customer many new customers, and we received an award at the KAKADU Awards 2011.

Коммуникационная стартегия

Креативная платформа

3D иллюстрация

Project team

Mariia Omelchuk
Olexiy Rojanovskiy
Daniil Martynov
Shalagina Tatiana
Divisenko Alexey
Myhaylo Petrusyak

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