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23 March 2023

Volunteer project to support Ukrainians:
creation of a digital assistant HandyFriendsBot

Together with our partners Handy.AI we created a convenient digital service that helps Ukrainians to adapt abroad.

The war in Ukraine surprised everyone. Then our team was invited to leave for Poland, so our work would not stop despite these difficult socio-political circumstances.

Arriving in an unknown country, it was not immediately obvious from where to begin our life here. We started looking for digital services that could contain all the useful information on adapting abroad, but did not find one that could answer all of our questions. My agency colleagues and I were drowning in information from the large pool of data spread throughout various sources.

That’s when our communication partners Handy.AI offered us together with them to create a digital assistant, which could help us and all Ukrainians to organize our lives in an unknown country. So together we set out to create this platform.


Our achievements and results

Currently, the chat-bot exists in the most popular Ukrainian messengers – Telegram and Viber. Due to our efforts and twenty-four-hour work on the project together with our volunteers, today there are already more than 68 thousand users in 45 countries of the world. And the main questions HandyFriendsBot can solve:

  • social and government assistance
  • free housing and living
  • work and education
  • providing medical and psychological help online from Ukrainian doctors
  • answers to frequently asked questions by moms.

Now our service already has a team of independent legal experts, who help to understand legal issues and provide answers about the laws of Ukraine or other states, as well as a team of expert doctors, who can advise the user on all necessary medical issues. However, in the near future we plan to attract even more experts so that confidence in our service will continue to grow.

To be honest, despite the great living conditions in Poland, we really want to go home. Yes, we understand that it is not possible yet, but we already have such thoughts in our plans, and probably not only us. Therefore, together with our communication team we are already developing convenient ways of getting back to Ukraine for each country separately. Very soon the digital assistant will be able to become a guide for Ukrainians who want to return home and a new button “Back to Ukraine” will be introduced, which will contain all the necessary information about the ways of travel from abroad and will provide links to useful services that can help citizens adapt in our state.


How does the chatbot help Ukrainians?

It’s been more than three months since we’ve been working on the project. During this time HandyFriendsBot became a little digital friend for Ukrainians who can quickly solve problems of adapting to life in an unknown country. So we want to introduce you to several stories of our users who asked our chatbot for help.

Catherine is one of many thousands of Ukrainian women who needed help with housing abroad. And here’s how the chatbot helped the girl solve her question.

“The HandyFriends bot helped me find housing in a very short time. In general it is not easy to rent an apartment in Poland, but I found out that it is possible to use the accommodation free of charge from Airbnb. It is very convenient that I found all the necessary information at once. It took me 4 days to confirm my accommodation request”.

Another useful function of the chatbot is to provide online medical advice from Ukrainian doctors.

“I had to quickly find a doctor for my five-year-old child to consult and prescribe medicine. I don’t know the state language, so I was very worried at first. Then I decided to use HandyFriendsBot. I found a clinic, filled out an online form, and later I got a phone call from a Ukrainian-speaking operator, who made an appointment for me and my baby with a doctor.

Also it was explained to me that if I have PESEL – medical visits will be free. So I also looked for information about PESEL with the help of a bot”.

Now, when we summarize our achievements during these months of work, we are very proud of ourselves. By helping and supporting Ukrainians, we feel that we are moving in the right direction and can confidently say that Ukrainian society has already defeated the enemy in the fields of information space.


📌 Link to International “Open Mind” Foundation, where you can support our team with donations: http://surl.li/bvejd